Motorcycle Riding Techniques

The compilation of these motorcycling tips and techniques has been created for bikers in the UK. Consequently the diagrams have been drawn for bikers who ride on the left hand side of the road. Those visitors to this site who would like right hand drive versions of these diagrams please go to Motorcycle Riding Techniques.

The views expressed at this site are purely personal and have been drawn from a variety of sources. The main purpose of the ideas expressed here is to encourage bikers to think more about their riding technique and to adopt a smooth, capable and defensive style of riding. Also to have as much fun out of biking as possible while living to tell the tale!

You must take each idea and suggestion on its own merit and decide whether it makes sense to include in your own repertoire of riding techniques.The decision to adopt any of these techniques is entirely yours and the material is presented on this basis.

The material here is copyrighted to Raymond Wood of DataCraft Development Company.

It is the brotherhood of bikers around the world that have helped me achieve my present level of knowledge and expertise in biking. This website is, in some small way, payback for their help as well as passing on the concepts to others. I hope you find something useful here - even if you adopt just one of the techniques or tips that are presented here then it will have been a worthwhile exercise. Consider that some of the skills covered here could even save your life.

Although biking can be great fun, it is not a game and should not be taken lightly. Motorcycles have a nasty habit of turning around and biting you in the arse if you don't give them 110% of your concentration and respect while riding. To survive we must continually expect the unexpected and foresee the unforeseeable.

Enjoy this site and try some of the ideas if they make sense to you. If you have any comments or have techniques that you wish to share with other bikers then please forward the material to me - I shall create a new section entitled Contributions and shall include a link back to you if you so wish.

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